Meet the Artist

Will M. Artist, graphic designer and Creative Soul
Artist, graphic designer and “Creative Soul”

My name is Will Massenburg, I’m a professional caricaturist with over 20 years experience drawing and entertaining guest with my art for all types of live events.  I started drawing at an early age and was encouraged by my family and friends to continue being creative so that’s what I did. While growing up I was a fan of MAD magazine and the talented caricature artist who illustrated the humorous stories featuring celebrities each month. I started practicing my drawing skills creating caricatures of my friends, family members and yes, I was one of those kids who drew my teacher when I should have been paying attention in class. While in school I was inspired by my art teachers and other talented peers to not only draw cartoons and caricatures but to be a renaissance man and learn to do other creative things. I became a life-long learner of arts and crafts which was helpful in developing my skills artistically.

I started drawing caricatures during the early 1980’s in bars, restaurants and craft fairs to earn extra money while working a full time job as a staff graphic designer for a printing and publishing company. During those years I also freelanced for many companies creating whimsical artwork and illustrations for children. I became what’s called a “Ghost Artist” for companies, meaning that I did not sign my work but got paid and also received royalties for licensing what I created. My art has appeared on stickers, bookmarks, balloons, t-shirts, coloring books, children clothing, gift wrap, greeting cards and more.

So, I’ve been creating fun, whimsical art for over 20 years before there was a internet. In 1990 while drawing live caricatures during a wedding I was asked if I draw caricatures of several groomsmen on beer mugs with my black markers? I thought it was a crazy idea but did my best to capture their likeness on glass. To my surprise the mugs were a big hit at the party and soon afterwards I started getting request for groomsmen beer mugs for gifts and as they say, the rest is history!

Today, I’m still hand-painting groomsmen beer mugs, drawing caricatures for weddings and live events. I now offer digital artwork for wedding caricatures, groomsmen gifts, business caricatures, caricature birthday cards, retirement caricatures, sports caricatures, and graduation caricatures.